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How Smoking Is Dangerous To The Users

In as much as many smokers have always ended up in the coffin the smokers are still a demand to quit smoking. Even if smoking does not cause death directly it is likely to cause respiratory complications. Among the dangers associated with smoking includes tremendous damage to the lungs. It is worth noting that when you smoke tobacco, you are more likely to affect your lungs after the airways are blocks. It is as a result of the difficulties involved in spotting lung disease in a good sign that has ever made people to die in a process.

You are the reason which snakes smoking dangerous to smokers is that it is likely to affect your rate of fertility. Giving birth for female smokers are affected mostly by smoking since it has an impact on their reproductive tracts this has made it impossible for many females to conceive. For men who smoke cigarettes and tobacco, for instance, this is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. In case a man suffers from this kind of condition there is a likelihood that they might not be able to sustain an erection. In as much as smoking is related to some of the causes of erectile dysfunction women who smoke might also have difficulties during childbirth. Other effects includes giving birth to a baby who suffers from cleft palate.

In the case you have always been dealing with problems with your skin and hair maybe it is just time to quit smoking. There is a possibility that you would have to experience skin breakage and possible hair loss if you are a smoker. Cigarettes is proving to be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction it means that it is likely to have a significant impact on their skin and it can also escalate to skin cancer.

Even if you are not too bothered about the impact that smoking tobacco has on you at least, you might think about what it does to the passive smokers. As soon as you exhale you are likely to be passing on this book to the people around you and your family for instance which implies that you might also expose them to one of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Apart from being listed as the leading causes of erectile dysfunction cigarettes and tobacco smoking is also likely to cause diseases in the gums. There is a likelihood that after you start suffering from gum diseases, you start experiencing tooth loss as well as excess teeth sensitivity. In as much as you might be experiencing challenges quitting smoking you are more likely to succeed and live the best life afterward.

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